Barcelona Pavilion

You know the story, I was in Barcelona, I studied architecture, I was with a fellow architect, so I was forced into visiting Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Pavilion, and so I went.

I know is a turning point in architecture, I know it has influenced millions of architects, some of the good ones, and I can see all the details, but in one word,BORING!

As any king of exhibition piece that is trying to make a point, it goes to extremes, in this case it is almost too sophisticated for simple mortals to enjoy. Cold, uninspiring, empty, rather petulant building.

After spending my day in Casa Batllo, by Gaudi, where the shapes are so organic that is almost impossible to take a good picture of the interior, the first thing that I noticed was the camera finding perspectives and lines, almost by itself.

It is an immediate contrast to the architecture in the city, that is colourful and over the top, it is a real rebel.

It does make mathematical sense, that box can be read and understood, but one will never be a better human been for being inside, one will never really connect with that place, one can only feel lonely and unimportant. The big legacy of modern architecture…

I do understand but I will never like it.

On a good note, the Barcelona chairs do look good and add a bit of life.


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