Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

If you think the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum as nothing more than a gigantic mess, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

The organic distorted structure makes perfect sense and functions perfectly.

The museum was completed in 1997, designed by the American-Canadian architect Frank Gehry.

Frank Gehry can be better described as an “architect/artist”, since his projects always carry a practical, coherent response to the environment encapsulated in a very sculptural shape.

The Guggenheim is no different, the size is deceiving, you can only appreciate the real space when you are inside. The approach is from the basement from there you can start to see the very clever arrangement of rooms that are perfectly square, adequate to hold large scale paintings, working with curves and shapes so organic that could only be described as glass and titanium trees. It is like walk inside a life-size sculpture. No piece of art inside the museum can surpass the splendor of its shell.

One of the biggest criticism of Gehry’s work is, as an artist, his design is very personal and that the use of shapes like fishes and flowers are merely particular choices.

Do we really need architecture that is so bling?  That screams  look at me from miles away. What would happen if every building now would like to impose itself the same away that this one does?

Well, the Guggenheim is a very well crafted piece that makes the most of the environment. When facing the more traditional building, the museum has even got windows! When facing the river, it looks more like fish trying to jump into the sea.

In Bilbao works beautifully. The city is quite rich in terms of architecture; You have medieval, industrial, art nouveau , the brave colour scheme of the Spaniards and even some Gaudi buildings making it a big mix and match of styles. In a setting like that, choose something that proclaims beauty on its own right it is just the natural choice.

The Guggenheim is not your averaged building and Gehry is not your averaged architect, he is a true artist, a true genius and he can exercise his creative flair in my back garden, any day, anytime.


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