Open House 2009 - Lloyd’s building, London

Here I am, September 2009 Open House London, first and most important appointment of the day (hour long queue), the Lloyd’s Building.

The building dates back to 1986, designed by Richards Rogers (+thousands of others), it pays homage to engineering, you can see and understand how everything works.

The pictures that follow are not necessarily pretty (a photographic course would be handy!) they intend to show as many details as possible.

The building is flawless, I feel sorry for all the juniors that worked on this project, the attention to details is borderline ridiculous, I can swear that every single bolt or screw on there was purposely designed for it. One must remember that when the building came out in 1986, there no such elements as cables or pipes that could be left exposed, everything fits so annoyingly perfectly.

While the main facade is very high- tech and robust once you get to the main atrium, one can read Chrystal Palace and the whole industrial Victorian era in England.

It is one of the most impressive modern buildings in the world, a lesson in architecture.

Watch and learn.


This was part of my Open House 2009 Tour, if you still don’t know about Open House, please visit:


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